Selesty was established in 1999 by Nursel and Kadir Talay who carry on their brand by combining their experience in designing and manufacturing sectors. Since then, we have been bearing the trademark to the present day with the same experience as a family company without compromising our principles.

Selesty that first began fashion business by producing a wide range of coats and overcoats, has added high quality of jeans and trousers to its collection that emphasizes the silhouette with super-tight fitting form due to the lycra composition of the fabric. Its identity is recognisable style expressed with top quality materials and its attention to details. Various washing techniques, handmade embroideries and gemstones bring distinguishable identity to the brand and make it stand out among its peers. However only outside ornaments are not enough for a brand, that’s why Selesty cares most of its pattern and how women feel in it. That is one of the reasons the brand has the most loyal customers.

Since production is crucial part of the business, total control over the production stage is essential. Sizes start from european thirtysix and goes up to size fiftysix.  Most of the materials are chosen according to its elasticity providing a fitted shape while giving comfort to the women.

As a company, we care about treatment of our staff. It is our belief that each individual employee is important so that the company can grow as a whole. Providing healty and safe environment and giving equal recruitment opportunities is essential to achieve that goal.


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