Find your perfect fit

Almost all of our fabrics consist of high lycra material because of its wide range of sizes. Its unique fabric and years of testing on finding the perfect pattern leads to enhanced silhouette and bottom up effect.

Skinny High-Rise Jeans  |  MARIA

Skinny high-rise jeans. This pattern enhances the silhouette with a tight fit. The design can be plain or can come with embroidery or gemstone design to make it one of a kind. Because of easy combination style of high-rise jeans, it is an ideal piece for every occasion.

Slim High-Rise Jeans   |   ANNA

Tight fit that does not tighten the ankle. Lower side of the both legs are decorated with gold and blue embroidery. The outfit can be matched with shirts for everday use or with silhouettes for a night out.

Cigarette High-Rise Jeans  |  ELLIE

Flare but not too much. This pattern combines style and comfort with its loose fit. Embroidery characterises this denim on denim with an elegant look. It can also be made as plain jeans. Light wash is applied for more summer look. Because of its high lycra fabric, the jacket can be snug or loose fit depending on the size of the jacket. 

Cropped High-Rise Jeans   |   KELLY

Tight fit with shorter length. Embroidery and lazer detail on both lower legs. Cropped jeans can be a piece of item for every season. They can be matched with a pair of boots during cold weather.

Flared High-Rise Jeans  |  ALEXA

Seventies inspired jeans have trendy flared silhouette. This fit is combined with high rise waist. The bottom is embroidered with mesh fabric, combining 70’s with modern look. Team them with ankle boots for more bohomian appearance.

Distressed Jeans  |  ANNA

Mid-rise slim jeans. It comes wıth various designs and colors. The elegance of distressed sections are outlined on the skinny leg and loose areound the ankle Distressed sections can be left open or covered with lace or embroidery.